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if you click only  1x per day  on all the links that are on this site, so you earn:

    BTC : 0.00000732

    DOGE : 3,27

    LTC : 0.00013044

    PPC : 0.0001665

    DASH : 0.0000035

    XPM  : 0.00685777

    ETH  : 0.0000118

    BLK  : 0.0092

    XMR : 0.000004

    DCR : 0.000004

    RDD : 0.1

    ZEC : 0.000001


if miscalculated (the day of the update) to the euro as it is:

per day: 0,037 €

per month: 1,11 €

per year: 13,38 €

In one clicks per day


#Page name reward Refresh Payment / Min review
1moon bitcoin  105 min 25000 DirectHERE
2freebitco5760 min 30000 DirectHERE
3Bitcoin43Faucet55720 minFaucetSystempopup
4SwissAdsPay7860 min 80 000 DirectHERE
5getyourbitco545 minfaucetHUB FaucetSystem
6BitMMGP5060 minfaucetHUB
7topbtcsites551440 pmFaucetSystempopup
8Adriano Coins341440 pmFaucetSystempopup
9iFaucet3030 minFaucetSystempopup
10U24Faucet41150 minFaucetSystempopup
11worldofbitco545 minfaucetHUB  FaucetSystem
12biciklo40120 minFaucetSystempopup
13TimeforBitco 405 min 20000 faucetHUB FaucetSystemHERE
14Coinprizes  25120 min 15000 faucetHUBHERE
15Chronoxcoin  2860 min 20000 faucetHUB  FaucetSystemHERE
16sunBTC  2860 min 20000 faucetHUB  FaucetSystemHERE
17Bitcoinker 155 min 20000 DirectHERE   pop up
18Weatherxcoin  335 min 10000 faucetHUB FaucetSystemHERE
19Field Bitcoins  55 min 25000 DirectHERE



#Page name reward Refresh Payment / Min review
1Moon Dogecoin0.235 min 100 DirectHERE
2freeDogecoin0.9460 min 600 DirectHERE
3Cryptoworld 0.7120 min 10 DirectHERE
4FaucetFreeCoin 0,251440 minfaucetHUB
5Catcatyfaucet0.55720 minfaucetHUBpopup
6777DOGE0.660 min 100 DirectHERE



#Page name reward Refresh Payment / Min review
1Moon litecoin3945 min 0,005 DirectHERE
2Catcaty900720 minfaucetHUBpopup
3baglitecoin800010 min 0,005 DirectHERE
4Get Free Coin100010 minfaucetHUBpopup
5BagiCo.in2505 min0,000075 faucetHUBpopup
6Litecoinforfree50060 minfaucetHUB
7btc4live10005 minfaucetHUB
8Lite-Snail10001440 minfaucetHUB



#Page name reward Refresh Payment / Min review
1HOT Coins Dash2505 minfaucetHUBpopup
2FreeDASH 10060 min 0,001 Direct HERE



#Page name reward Refresh Payment / Min review 66505 min0,001 faucetHUBpopup
2peercoinfaucet  1000060 min 0,05 Direct



#Page name reward Refresh Payment / Min review
1Get Free Coin 20000010 minfaucetHUB popup
2Prime Rosetta 31577715 minfaucetHUBpopup
3BagiCo.in400005 min0,05 faucetHUBpopup
4tuttifaucet 3000060 minfaucetHUBpopup
5FreePRIME  10000060 min0,05 DirectHERE



#Page name reward Refresh Payment / Min review
1Free-Ether100060 min 1.0 Direct I am preparing popup
2SwissAdsPay18060 min 400 000 Direct HERE


#Page name reward Refresh Payment / Min review
1viking45000010 minfaucetHUBpopup
2claimbit15000015 minfaucetHUBpopup
3blackcoin.info27000060 min0.2 Direct 500005 min0,01 faucetHUB



#Page name reward Refresh Payment / Min review
1Monero Faucet0,00000460 min0,05 Direct I am preparing



#Page name reward Refresh Payment / Min review
1Decred Faucet40060 min0,1 Direct I am preparing



#Page name reward Refresh Payment / Min review
1Reddcoin Faucet0,160 min400 Direct I am preparing



#Page name reward Refresh Payment / Min review
1Zcash Faucet0,00000160 min0,002 Direct I am preparing



#Page name reward Refresh Payment / Min review 451 dayDirectHERE  201 day 0,005 DirectI am preparing
3boxlite  6310 min 500 000 DirectHERE
4MINEBIT   2020 min 10000 DirectHERE


od 26/08/2017 prestávam podporovať stránky, ktoré majú viac ako jeden popup (tie, ktoré už mám rozbehnuté a pripravujem ich funkčnosť, som ale zatiaľ nechala)


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